Why choose us



The core of Alertech brand is "Safety", emphasizing "Quality" and "Applicability". Alertech employees take "Safety" as their starting point to treat R&D and production. Quality means you avoid unnecessary after-sales problems, meaning that you can maintain long-term, stable customer relationships, which means an ever-expanding market share. Applicability means that the products are more suitable for consumer demand, which means a more competitive market advantages.

There are many high-quality manufacturers in the same industry in Guangdong province. We have competitive relations and cooperate with each other in the market. We will complement each other's advantages in production and manufacturing, integrate resources, and take it as the basic goal to expand the product range and meet the needs of consumers.


The price must be a key factor in your purchase. Therefore, Alertech carries out price control in several aspects of marketing communication, logistics and transportation, and production cost control, providing you with a competitive price advantage.

Alertech mainly distributes its marketing through official websites and other non-paid platforms, which saves nearly 24% of the platform cost (including platform commissions, foreign exchange settlement fees, FBA overseas storage fees, etc.) and most of its advertising costs, thereby delivering greater customer value.

Compared with the retail or small-batch orders on B2C trading platform, you can obtain lower procurement cost for bulk orders. Alertech is mainly for bulk supply or OEM orders, therefore the transnational transportation cost could average distribute to each product in bulk.

Alertech is sincere to customers and cherishes long-term cooperation with each customer, so it has always adhered to the affordable pricing strategy. Each product is priced at a reasonable profit of 15-20% above the cost, so as to enable customers to obtain greater competitive advantage or profit space.

Finally, the price advantage lies in the product cost. Alertech controls the cost without affecting the quality, improves the operation efficiency, saves the production cost and fully integrates the resource advantage of the local industrial chain, which not only guarantees the product quality, but also reduces the product price.


Small scale does not affect the quality of its products and services. Rather, it is the simplicity of its business processes that allows Alertech to leverage its flexibility to meet small, customized orders.

On the other hand, the company's corporate culture advocates, Alertech employees treat customers with sincerity, do their best to handle every order, and listen carefully to your needs.