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Order & OEM

  • Price terms

The ex-factory price (EXW) is the regular default Price term. This quotation does not include shipping charges, customs declaration, inspection and payment of foreign exchange, but only the local ex-factory price. FOB, CFR and other price terms are also available. The final commercial invoice (CI/PI) will calculate the cost of CFR or CPT for you, so that you can receive products easier. In fact, the price terms are flexible and can be adjusted. The most important thing is that you can receive the goods smoothly and steadily.

  • OEM Policy

Alertech welcomes cooperation with all sectors to provide OEM services. In fact, it is just a matter of LOGO and packaging. Therefore, any volume of OEM products will be provided for you. The only thing that needs to be considered is the cost of packaging. If you need OEM cooperation, we will provide you with OEM advice and accounting for packaging costs, which may result in an additional expense.

  • ODM Policy

ODM projects generally require a long period of communication and R&D process. Alertech will first evaluate the feasibility of your ODM project. If there is a high feasibility, Alertech will make samples and deliver them to you for confirmation. Sample production costs, as well as shipping costs, may occur during this process.


  • Bank Account statement

At present, due to the foreign exchange control in mainland, it is difficult to collect foreign exchange, Alertech will entrust a Hong Kong company with strategic cooperation with us to collect foreign exchange. The bank account may be inconsistent with the account of our company, Alertech Electronics, but it is still the official channel of our company to collect foreign exchange.

Especially for bulk orders, the amount involved is relatively large, and the account of Hong Kong company will be the first choice. Chinese personal accounts is the second choice. Please be informed.

  • Payment terms

To avoid additional bank collection fees, 100% Payment before manufacture. (recommended and default mode).

30% deposit is acceptable for large orders, 70% balance is settled before delivery, which may incur an additional $25- $30 bank settlement fee.

Available Payment Types:

A. Western Union to Chinese Private Account

B. Telegraphic transfer (T/T) to Chinese Private Account

C. Telegraphic transfer (T/T) to Hong Kong account

D. Trading platform to receive foreign exchange, need specific trading platform, may involve online transactions.


Lead-time of Samples : 1-3days

Lead-time of Regular Products: 5-7days

Lead-time of OEM or ODM Products: 15-25days


Samples and Regular Products: Neutral Package, or White box

OEM or ODM Products: Customized Package


  • Notes:

A. Air transportation and express delivery may restrict products with batteries, and may not arrange transportation by air transportation or express; or increase the cost of additional battery transportation, which are relatively expensive. If the cost is too high, it can be transported by ship or land. Local procurement of batteries is a second way to save on high shipping costs.

B. For some remote places, international express will charge an additional remote transportation fee, which is about $30, so at the beginning of the quotation, Alertech will inquire your location to calculate the approximate express fee for you.

  • Delivery:

Express: Schedule on the day of lead-time

Shipment by Air, Water or Land: Ordinary 3-7days after lead-time according to the shipping company's arrangement.

After Sales

Alertech is market-focused and cherishes relationships with its customers. Although it has made a lot of efforts in quality control, there may be after-sales problems. Here, we envision how to minimize the loss of the market and your losses, and deal with possible after-sales problems reasonably and fairly.

  • Quality issues

Within 1 year from the date of sale, under normal use, if there is any quality problem of the product, you can claim to Alertech, and we will reduce the amount of the product with quality problem for you. As the remittance will generate high bank charges, we suggest that it be deducted from the future order.

If the overall cost of the replacement is too high, we will cancel the return of the defective products, you can choose to destroy or retain for maintenance.

  • Man-made damage

From the date of sale within 1 year, you can enjoy free maintenance services, with the consumable accessories attached to the product is not within the scope of warranty. Given the high cost of international transportation, Alertech would provide additional spare parts for maintenance purposes. It can also be periodically transported back to our company for maintenance within the warranty period, and the repaired products will be sent back with the next order.