Brand Concept


Brand Concept

Alertech consists of "Alert" and "Tech", meaning "safety” delivery. Since 2009, Alertech has always adhered to the "Focus on your safety" operating philosophy, hoping to endow the “safety” to the products, for bringing safety to each users. To Alertech, Safety represents a stable product quality and reliable applicability.

Alertech knows the importance of product quality, whether to business or to every user. Cooperative merchants hope to reduce unnecessary after-sales problems and avoid affecting the market reputation that has been hard to establish. For users, quality-assured products mean peace of mind, safety and ability to cope with unexpected situations in a complex and varied environment. At that moment, it’s truly reflecting the value of quality. Sometimes it even means a ray of life falling from the sky.

Reliable applicability means that you can drink the sweet spring water in the desert, when you are thirsty, instead of the big MAC with three layers. For outdoor mobile lighting products, brightness, endurance, drop resistance, and waterproof performance are the most concerned properties. However, Alertech does not only focus on these aspects, but the overall performance of the product in different scenarios. There are different application features for different occasions, such as explosion-proof performance in caves filled with explosive gas, working time and bean distance is required by night searching, broken window and cutting seat belt function is required by escaping in the car, waterproof and compact is needed for diving, while working time and lighting range is demanded in camping, etc. Alertech adapts the product according to different application scenarios, so that the performance of the product is more targeted to meet your application environment requirements. Alertech, though is not the best, but would be the one that more suits your needs.

Brand History

2009 Alertech started operation, mainly focusing on the safety of household gas alarm, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm and other businesses. The brand logo is a blue square wire frame and red flame, meaning flame control.

2012 China Gas Reconstruction, the use of natural gas, household gas equipment upgrade built-in alarm function, the domestic gas alarm market is shrinking. Alertech began to transform fire alarm equipment, shifting its focus to smoke and fire protection. Brand identity on the basis of an optimization, the details are more prominent, but the overall is more simple.

2019 As the early year, the market research found that China's outdoor market is expanding. Alertech began to enter the field of outdoor products, and has launched outdoor lighting products such as camping lights, fishing lights, and headlights. In 2019, the brand logo was officially updated, and the product line was re-arranged to cater to changes in market demand. Despite the transformation of the Alertech product, the original intention is not changed, and always adhere to the "Focus on your safety" product philosophy, to provide the market with reliable quality, high applicability of outdoor products