About us


About us

Who, Alertech, a small business with about 15 people in its operations, 30 at its plant, and the rest of its engineering and technical staff. The overall size is less than 50. Since its establishment, it has maintained a lightweight operation to improve and steadily sustainable development.

What, Alertech's main products are outdoor equipment, flashlights, headlights, camping lights, and outdoor protective equipment. Although the factory is small in scale and limited in capacity, but it can basically meet the demand of customization and supply. Alertech attaches great importance to product quality, which is the business philosophy of Alertech. Therefore, we will conduct multiple quality inspections on the products before delivery to prevent the defective products from entering the market and ensure that the products are “Safety” – “Quality and Applicability”. Alertech advocates creating an aspirant and sincere corporate culture, actively treating its own growth, and sincerely facing the society and customers, to the best of its ability to meet market demand.

Where, Alertech was registered in Hong Kong, China, initially to facilitate the collection of foreign exchange and to build an international brand image, but Alertech operates and manufactures in Guangdong, China. Guangdong has a higher quality outdoor lighting industry chain resources, lower production costs, and relying on the technical resources and import and export environment of Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen and other cities, can transfer and create greater customer value, which is conducive to market competitive advantage.

When, In 2009, Alertech mainly focused on the household gas alarms, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and other businesses. In 2012, China began to upgrade gas, and natural gas is popular in households. Mostly household gas equipment has built-in alarm function, and the household gas alarm market is shrinking. Alertech began to transform fire alarm equipment, focusing on the field of smoke and fire. In 2014, Alertech conducted market research and found that the market demand for outdoor product market in China is rising. Alertech started to step into the field of outdoor products, including camping lights, fishing lights and headlights. In 2019, the brand logo was officially updated, and the product line was re-arranged to position the marketing in the outdoor products market. Despite the transformation of Alertech products, the original intention remains unchanged, and always adhere to the "Focus on your safety" product philosophy, to provide the market and consumers with reliable quality and high applicability of outdoor products.